Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder


 Size: 100/120;
 Moisture: 6.0% max;
 Sulfur dioxide: <50 ppm;
 Inner packing: 2 x12.5 kg/alumium 
foil bag;
 Outer packing: 25 kg/carton;

When come to storing dehydrated garlic powder, containers should be kept tightly sealed and away from high temperatures. Optimum storage conditions are 28% to 32% humidity and 65°F. With proper storage conditions, dehydrated garlic powder can have a shelf life of up to two to three years.

Main Parameters Of Dehydrated Garlic / Air Dried Garlic

Style: Dried   Type: Garlic Color: Light Yellow
Drying Process: AD Net weight: 25MTS/40'FCL SO2:max. 50ppm
Moisture: max 7% TPC: max 100000 CFU/g Shelf Life: 2 years
Specifications: Flakes:1st/2nd Grade
Granules:8-16 mesh/16-26 mesh /26-40 mesh/40-60 mesh/40-80 mesh
Powder: 100 mesh up

PART 2. About Orders
A. Place of origin: China
B. Supply capacity: 4500tons
C. Minimum order quantity: 20 feet full container load
D. Terms of payment: T / T,L / C,FOB,CIF
E. Delivery time: 2 weeks after receiving the advanced payment
F.  Packing: carton export standard carton packing
G. Mode of transport: sea transportation(for large scale)/air transportation(for small amount)  
H. Storage condition: Please store in cool and dry place.

PART 3. Product Description
A. Compared with fresh vegetables, dehydrated vegetables have some unique advantages, including small size, light weight, quick restoring in water, convenient storage and transportation. This kind of vegetables can not only effectively adjust vegetable production season, but also still keep the original color, nutrition and flavor, which tastes delicious.
B. Air dried garlic is made from fresh garlic. First, garlic has strong sterilization. Up to now, it is one of the strongest antimicrobial in natural plants found today. Second, it is helpful for prevention and treatment of cancer and cancer.Third, garlic can prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal disease.
C. It can be used in the seasoning package of convenient food, fast food vegetable soup, canned vegetables and vegetable salad, a variety of sausage or bacon, etc.
PART 4. Why Choose Us
A. Strong company strength
We are a professional exporter of dehydrated vegetables and fruits with an eleven-year history. We have partners from Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech republic, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Malaysia, etc. Some customers are suppliers of famous companies such as Unilever, Nestle, Mcdonald's, Burger King, Heinz, etc .
B. Good quality
We have strict quality control system, independent lab and several certificates, including ISO 22000, HACCP and KOSHER, etc. What’s more, there is no preservative, additive and colorant. Thus the product is dependable.
C. Free sample
If you are interested in our dehydrated products, welcome to email us and we can send free samples to you.
D. Competitive price
We can offer competitive price. When you become our regular customers, you deserve more favorable price and flexible payment options.
E. Timely delivery
Usually we'll effect delivery within two weeks after receipt of your advance payment.

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